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Perforated air diffusers

Perforated air ducts in metal, fabric and polycarbonate, air diffuser systems for the industrial, commercial and tertiary buildings completed with accessories and integrations

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Air disinfection

Large selection for air disinfection solutions (also with the possibility for integrating existing products), water and surfaces disinfection using UV radiation and Ozone.

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Photovoltaic modules

The sun at the order of your energy needs by mono-polycristalline modules, bifacial, glass-to-glass all these with the possibility for integration with a proprietary storage system

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What we do

As independent business developer we give the opportunity to the enterprises to develop their presence on new markets without any modification on their structure and giving them the opportunity to define progressively the targets to reach, with an optimal calibration of the activities to realize. Using the exclusivity on the assigned territory becomes the commercial relationship fluid, without any distortion and this gives the opportunity for following all the sales activities and the market development.

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Energy storage system for solar energy
AS Wolfram
5000 (ESS)

New storage energy system realized by AMERISOLAR with a storage capacity till 5kW: this solution allows to store the produced energy of your AMERISOLAR solar system for using this when you need it.

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Air disinfection

The current sanitary situation but also the need to supply to our clients, efficiency solutions able to grant a safe air in all the type of areas or buildings, drive us to start a cooperation with exclusivity in France with the company orca GmbH

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Polycarbonate perforated air diffuser

On standard configuration or with the integration of a lighting system inside the duct, this products, with fire resistance Euroclass B,S1-d0 and in polycarbonate ABS material, allows the matching between a rigid shape and light weight, the air diffusion and the lighting system

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